1974-1983. Military Period

As a consequence or the coup d’etat imposed by the Armed Forces in 1973, several of Ayuí/Tacuabé’s founding musicians had to flee into exile. The publishing house continued its work under the overall coordination of Coriún Aharonián. Numerous fellow members joined the work team, maintaining a flexible dynamics that enabled enlarging the group if the circumstances or importance of decisions to be made called for it. The political situation also speeded up the generational changeover: a considerable number of musicians, communicators or simply people who supported the project, contributed with their anonymous and unselfish efforts. These practices, which continue still today, are another reason for the endurance of this entity.

The first recordings of artists who would later go down in history as part of the best in Uruguayan music are from this period. The Ayuí label published Agustín Carlevaro in 1972, Carlos “Pajarito” Canzani in 1975, Jaime Roos and “Los Que Iban Cantando” (Jorge Lazaroff, Jorge Bonaldi, Luis Trochón, Jorge Di Pólito and Carlos da Silveira) in 1977. Ruben Rada started recording in 1975 and Gastón Ciarlo “Dino” in 1976. Then came the ’78 generation bringing out the first recordings of Leo Maslíah, Fernando Cabrera (as a member of “Montresvideo” trio) and “Rumbo” (Laura Canoura, Mauricio Ubal, Miguel López, Carlos Vicente, Gustavo Ripa and Gonzalo Moreira), among others. The Tacuabé label registered the recitals of Abel Carlevaro, Hugo Balzo, Héctor Tosar, Eva Vicens, Luis Batlle Ibáñez, Renée Pietrafesa, Nybia Mariño and Lyda Indart. The label created the only collection of avant-garde Latin-American music published worldwide. Innovations continued by adding the distribution, in Uruguay, of hundreds of titles from alternative labels of other countries. By keeping in existence the works published regardless of sales fluctuations, Ayuí/Tacuabé could be defined as a “catalog publisher”. It began to be recognized abroad as “an exceptional model” , in the words of Carlos Drummond de Andrade from the “Jornal do Brasil”. Musician Mauricio Ubal has been in charge of all general coordination tasks since the year 1983.

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