Finally, the launch of this site on the World Wide Web opens a singular and necessary perspective. It must be noted however that back in 1997 Ayuí/Tacuabé had already introduced the first Uruguayan website relative to record publishing; the experience lasted two years. The dynamics of change and updating, characteristic of the Internet, has called for substantial improvements in our presence on the Web. We are very satisfied with the work developed by the people at Cebra, regarding both the design and the fine tuning of the site. We look forward to contacts with all those interested in supporting this project, which has been around for three decades now. All questions, suggestions and proposals will be duly taken into consideration and replied to. We wish to thank all the friends, artists and public in general who have accompanied us and continue to inspire us in this endeavor.

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Diego Azar

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Esteban Klísich

Fernando Cabrera

Daniel Viglietti

Rossana Taddei

Alejandro Ferradás

Malena Muyala

Larbanois & Carrero

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Rubén Olivera

Mauricio Ubal

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