The opening of AYUÍDISCOS towards the end of November 2000 constituted a very important step in the pursuit of bringing the public closer to the whole musical production of local artists, be it on CDs or on cassettes. AYUÍ-DISCOS’s joint venture with Banda Oriental and El Galpón represents a project alternative to the growing globalization set forth by the market and by transnational media. This has turned the label into the choice of Uruguayans at the time of choosing a gift from national music.
Just recently, a small “Rincón del vinilo” (“Vinyl Corner”) has been set up, where rare little treasures can be found. Just to mention a few: single playing records of Wimpi’s dear voice, and the first “extended play” record of Ramón Ayala, an excellent composer and poet from Misiones, all at affordable prices.

Over six hundred titles from the most representative musical genres of Uruguay are available at the shop. From candombe, murga, and folklore to singer-songwriters, rock, pop, jazz, fusion, tango, poetry and narrations, along with children’s and classical music. All authors and performers, and every independent record and label. And, of course, the full Ayuí/Tacuabé catalog, as well as the most renowned titles of Argentinean labels like Acqua Records, Melopea and Ciclo 3. Members of Socio Espectacular are granted important discounts in their purchases. AYUÍDISCOS has a staff team especially trained to provide customers with advice on Uruguayan artists and their repertoire.

So, if you are looking for a record of national origin, don’t hesitate: come visit us at AYUÍDISCOS, home of Uruguayan music. Our business hours are Monday to Thursday from 10AM till 8PM, 10AM till 9PM on Fridays, and Saturdays from 10AM till 1PM, as well as from 7PM to 10PM.

Avenida 18 de Julio 1618 (Store Number 1 of El Galpón Theater).
Telephone 403 1526.
Montevideo – Uruguay
Email: ayuidiscos@ayui.net

Ayuídiscos Customer – Friend

In November 2000, the opening of Ayuídiscos marked the commencement of a period where we would reach the old and the new friends who enjoy listening to our music.

Our regular customers will now be able to obtain preferential acknowledgement, which will classify them as a Friendly Customer. This will entitle them to discounts on publications of Ayuí/Tacuabé’s catalog.

Those who receive our weekly notice guide and information bulletins may pick up theirs at Ayuídiscos, at the address and times specified in the footnote of this mail.

We will be eagerly awaiting you.

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