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Three decades building an identity in sound.

Institutions belonging to cultural and artistic areas that work in constant confrontation with “market logic” can still be found in many countries. In some cases they have managed to become long-lasting experiences with an almost ecological approach towards the goods they produce and support. Generally speaking these institutions are little known or valued, but their existence helps artistic diversity to carry on its own voice in every small part of the world. Their important role seems to become evident only when they no longer exist. Ayuí/Tacuabé has played such role in Uruguay’s record/disc publishing field, by witnessing, promoting and disseminating our sound assets for over three decades now.

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Murga uruguaya

Para niños

Música uruguaya


Diego Azar

Pepe Guerra

Washington Carrasco y Cristina Fernández

Gastón Rodríguez

Popo Romano

Esteban Klísich

Fernando Cabrera

Daniel Viglietti

Rossana Taddei

Alejandro Ferradás

Malena Muyala

Larbanois & Carrero

Buenos Muchachos

Rubén Olivera

Mauricio Ubal

Numa Moraes

Elsa Morán